Columbia Crest A-STEM Academy

Together, We Commit to Inspiring Life Long Learners to Create A Better Future

Columbia Crest A-STEM Academy is seeking volunteers. 

Career Fair is an exciting annual event at Columbia Crest in which professionals from our local community engage with students in the gym about their careers and the paths/stories that led to that career. The event gives students an opportunity to be exposed to a wide range of career opportunities and interact with living examples of successful professionals who have paved the way before them. This is an important event because our students cannot know what they are to become if they are unaware of all there is to become.


The Career Fair will take place Monday, May 1st  from 12:30-2:30 p.m.


If you would like to volunteer your time to make our future generation brighter please contact Allison at her email or submit the form located below to our office. 



Hello Parents and Guardians!

Halfway through the school year already. How time flies! Time for an update!


If you are a parent of a 4th grader through 8th grade, please read through this flyer posted below to give you some helpful tips and hints to keep you informed and engaged in your student's digital learning. More updates to come on navigating the online world! 

Upcoming Events

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