Eatonville School District #404

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Local Tourism

  •       Eatonville is tucked in the foothills of Mount Rainier and an easy stop en route to the national park. Formerly a logging town, Eatonville celebrates its history with a huge mural and self-guided walking tour. Nearby are the major attractions of Northwest Trek Wildlife Park and the Pioneer Farm Museum & Ohop Indian Village. 

    • Community Overview - Provide a community overview, including:
      • Weather / Climate
      • Population
      • Geography
    • Community Activities - Provide information on community activities, including:
      • General Info
      • Educational / Social
      • Indoor / Outdoor
      • For Groups:
        • Adults
        • Children
        • Families
      • Recreation / Parks / Events
    • Surrounding Areas - Provide information on surrounding areas, including:
      • General Info
      • Attractions
      • Events

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