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          The Native American Education Program is funded through a Title VII grant through the Department of Education.  These funds are used to provide services and activities within the Native American Program.  This grant is up for renewal each year.  Outside funding from Native American tribes and charities is also sought to fund activities within this program.

          The Native American Education Program serves students who have Native American/Alaskan Native heritage.  Students’ parent/guardian fills out the 506 form stating Native heritage.  Non-Native students also participate in the program.

    Activities within the Native American Program

          Native American students learn about their culture as well as about other Native cultures.  They participate in cultural art projects such as mask making, drum making, and beading.  Other activities focus on academics such as study groups, career fairs and college preparation.  Some students will get an opportunity to participate in fry bread making and also help in putting together backpacks for homeless students within the district, filling them with school supplies, personal hygiene items, snacks and incidentals.

          Students and families may also receive assistance in the form of social services to help relieve situations that contribute to school related problems.

          Research on Culture Based Education (Demmert & Towner, 2003) has shown that Native American students who have the opportunity to learn about their culture and have this connection to their school community increase their self esteem and are far more successful in graduating.

    How to Join

          To participate in the Native American Education Program check with your child's school.  There is no blood quantum requirement nor do you have to be registered with your tribe.  You do need to know the name of the tribe you have heritage in, so you can fill out the 506 form.


    Native American Education Program Contact Information:

    Dorothy Apple

    Program Manager

    Native American Education Program

    Eatonville School District

    (360) 879-1220


    Krestin Bahr


    Eatonville School District

    (360) 879-1000