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Ronda Litzenberger, Chair

  • Ronda Litzenberger

         Board member Ronda Litzenberger is a lifelong resident of Eatonville. She started her school career at Weyerhaeuser Elementary and graduated from Eatonville High School.  She left Eatonville briefly to attend Tacoma Community College, then Brigham Young University to study economics, returning to the area to work in the real estate field as a title examiner and limited practice officer.

         Ronda has celebrated a silver wedding anniversary with husband Rowland and the two have five children. The oldest three, Stefan, Kyle and Annie have all followed in their mother’s footsteps and attended BYU.  Stefan, with a degree in biology/chemistry, is on the path to becoming a doctor.  His hope is to practice in a rural community.  Kyle studied finance and Annie majored in biology and is currently teaching at Eatonville High School.  The two youngest daughters Sarah and Andrea are attending the Eatonville District schools.

         Ronda currently teaches Pilates and strength training circuit classes, but her true focus is family and community and she exemplifies the volunteer spirit with her work. In addition to serving on the ESD Board of Directors for over seven years, she is involved in Boy Scouts and the Youth Council of her church, organizes a girls summer camp every year and plays a major part in the 9/11 National Day of Service. She is currently serving as the Chair of the Board of Directors. 

         Ronda’s passion for education keeps her motivated in her board position and she is happy to be serving in an innovative district. In her opinion, the " Strong Schools= Strong Community" connection that is fostered in Eatonville benefits all involved!


    Ronda Litzenberger, Chair to the Board / WIAA Representative

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    Eatonville, WA  98328

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