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Liza Klumpar, Director

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    At Franklin Pierce School District

    and Eatonville School District Board Member

    Liza Klumpar was appointed to the Eatonville School Board of Directors on October 12, 2016. Mrs. Klumpar is the Director of Information Technology at Franklin Pierce School District. Most of Liza’s eighteen years in education involve her career as an educational technology leader.

    Liza enjoys engaging in service activities involving local education, her personal community, as well as the professional community. At Franklin Pierce Schools, she provides leadership, direction, and expertise in technological innovation. Outside of the district, she is committed to maintaining and strengthening her community. She volunteers her time to various committees and community events with a variety of organizations. Mrs. Klumpar is an active participant in neighborhood events that promote public education. She has also been hand selected by various national technology conference committees to present, or be a panelist advocating for technology innovation in K-12 organizations.

    Born in the Philippines, Liza Klumpar is a native Tagalog speaker. She did her undergraduate work at Saint Martin’s University, where she majored in Computer Science. She and her husband, Travis, have one fifth grade child attending Weyerhaeuser Elementary School. Liza’s hobbies include hiking, running, camping, and watching her son play youth sports. 


     Liza Klumpar

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