Eatonville School District #404

Together, we commit to inspiring Life Long Learners to create a better future

What is A.L.E.?

  •      ALE stands for Alternative Learning Experience and is the legal category for non-traditional school programs like MRPP. This category also includes alternative schools and Career Technological Education (CTE) programs as well as drop-out prevention.

         The description of an ALE program from the state’s website follows:

       “Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) is primarily distinguished by off- campus instruction. The intent of this type of program is to give schools flexibility to serve a diverse student population. The specific requirements and expectations of these away-from-school learning activities are detailed in a written student learning plan (WSLP) developed and supervised by a public school teacher.

        Some facts about MRPP and ALE’s:

         Mt. Rainier Parent Partnership (MRPP) is open to students in grades K – 8.  Parents enroll their children as students of the district under the Alternative Learning Environment (A.L.E.) designation of the Washington Administrative Code (W.A.C.).  This designation allows you to homeschool, get your curricula supplied by the district, and enables you to participate in district activities.  The district, on the flip side, gets to count the student as part of their enrollment.

         Each student’s Written Learning Plan outlines the standards for that grade level as set forth by Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Please read the Learning Plan carefully and discuss changes that you would like to make within the content areas. (Ex: In science, “SPACE and PLANETS” will be taught in the place of “MAMMALS”.)  Please sign the Statement of Understanding to let us know that you are in agreement with our policies.

         We can supply non-religious curricula and some supplemental materials, but we are unable to provide funding for extracurricular activities such as music, dance, or horseback riding lessons at this time. 

         A teacher-of-record writes a monthly report authenticating your child’s progress from work samples that you submit as well as work, works of art, and observations done in class.

         Class is held on Wednesdays from 9:15 AM – 2:45 PM. 

    • A schedule of activities for the week is sent out to those who are on the email list.
    • Students meet on the front steps and can be picked up at the same place.
    • The kids can either sign up for hot lunch or bring their own lunch.
    • Please give your student a snack for the afternoon break.