Eatonville School District #404

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Written Student Learning Plan

  • WSLP (Written Student Learning Plan):

         Each student is required to have a WSLP that outlines the academic year. Students, parents, and the certificated teacher work together to write the plan upon enrollment.  The WSLP can be modified and updated at any time during the year in one or more subject areas.  Some items included in the WSLP are:

    • Subject areas in which the student is working (math, science, etc.)
    • Goals for each subject
    • Curricula and materials lists
    • Description of activities in which the students will participate
    • Assessments – how MRPP will determine that the student is making progress


         The state mandates communication between the student and the MRPP teacher where academic progress can be substantiated. There is flexibility in the methods of contact:

    • Classtime interaction
    • Email
    • Phone call
    • Schedule to meet
    • Skype or similar


         Work samples from each student are gathered and put into their WSLP. We ask that the students (and parents) submit 3 or 4 work samples from each subject per month. Reporting charts are included in this packet for your convenience.  These samples are evaluated and compared to the goals in the WSLP to determine whether or not a month’s worth of progress has been attained.

         Work samples should be submitted no later than the 20th of the month, but anytime earlier is great. Samples may be submitted in person, via email as a scanned document or picture. Not all work samples need to be pencil paper.