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    SSAGE Parent Mentoring Program

          Over the past years SSAGE has partnered with PAVE in our volunteer Parent Mentoring Program.  We feel this partnership and program will greatly benefit families, our district and our community.

          PAVE provides emotional support and information on community resources for parents who have a child with a disability or chronic healthcare need. Parent Mentor volunteers assist families in coping with many challenging experiences and feelings through peer mentoring. They support families by phone, email, home visits, or hospital visits.  Critical times parents can benefit from this program is when they first learn of their child’s disability or during transition times in their child’s life i.e. first entering the school district, transitioning between schools and post-school transitioning.

          It is the belief of EatonvilleSchool District that parents are an expert of their own children. They are the best persons to advocate on behalf of their own child and his/her needs. It is our goal to provide information and training so that each parent will have the skills to be equal partners in the decision making process for their child. We also recognize that parents learn these valuable skills from both professionals and other parents.

          Parent Mentors are volunteers who have journeyed the unique path of parenting a child with disabilities or healthcare needs and they are willing to share their experience and insight to other parents. They have completed the following to be a mentor:  Nine hours of training provided by PAVE and ESD Criminal background check.

    How it works:

          If you feel you could use some additional parent peer support, please contact your teacher or the Special Services Office for more information about this program. We have available a SSAGE Parent Mentoring Program packet that can give you more details. 

          If you are interested in having a volunteer Parent Mentor, please contact PAVE or SSAGE Parent Mentoring Program Coordinator to initiate the intake process.  The following information will be requested from you: Name, phone number/email contact, child’s name and school child attends. Then PAVE or SSAGE Parent Mentoring Program Coordinator will complete an intake survey to match you to a Parent Mentor. Both you and the Parent Mentor will need to sign the Parent Mentoring Program Guidelines that defines purpose, confidentiality and limitations of the program. See Guideline attached below. 

    For more information, please contact:

    Michelle Frink, SSAGE Parent Mentoring Program Coordinator  






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