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    Dear Eatonville Elementary Families,


    I was reflecting on the amazing performance of the play MULAN, that was performed last Friday by our students.  They put in three weeks of work after school and a lot of practice at home. Our students have so many wonderful opportunities in the arts, science and all around academics.

     In order for all of these things to happen we unfortunately need to raise money.  We truly appreciate our partnership with the Eatonville Elementary Booster Club.  They pay for half of the play and our ASB pays for the other half.  

     I would like to thank so many people for this event.  First, Mrs. Bovey and Mrs. Ricketts, the students and their parents.  Secondly, the Booster Club and all their efforts with raising money, selling tickets, flowers and cookies etc. Next, our ASB advisors, Mrs. Van Cleve and Mrs. Elliff.  But most of all I thank all of you for your support of our many fundraisers.  We appreciate all of your generosity and tremendous support.



     Diane Heersink  


    Eatonville Elementary

    Eatonville Elementary is a wonderful place to learn and grow.  We work very hard at providing academic and social emotional growth and success for all of our students.  It is a core belief that you can’t have one without the other.

    Our staff is highly trained in various positive behavior programs that are foundational in our building plan for student success.  In academic areas we offer multiple curriculums and fit students with acceleration and interventions depending on their needs.  Teachers work with data to find exactly what skills are needed. 

    Reading and Language Arts have always been a focus at EES.  Currently we have a new writing program that provides and excites students in writing.  Our reading programs use social studies and science materials to integrate learning.  In mathematics we teach traditional skills with an emphasis on conceptual understanding not just rote memorization.  Understanding what you are actually doing in math with help with higher level mathematics in middle and high school.  In science, along with regular classroom science curriculum, we participate in salmon tossing, water testing, Invention Convention, Robotics, Science Fair and visits to Starry Hill Observatory.

    Eatonville Elementary also deeply believes that when students feel good about their school and have happy experiences here they will be more successful.  Daily the entire school sings our school song and we have an amazing after school program that engages students in activities and support in a positive way.  On any given day we have over 150 students after school learning and growing in classes that range from Yoga to Robotics.  Along with our after school program we present a Spring Musical for the past three years.  It is a joint venture with the Tacoma Musical Playhouse and is presented to the students and public in the Eatonville High School Auditorium.